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- It happens the same everywhere around the world. (The Yard)

-I was invited somwhere in the wold, by a friend, my friend make a lot of promisses. Promises which prefer to forget, now. He live in a house with several apartaments, with a shared courtyard. Since I am hosted here, and waith the promises come true, I see the same general dirt in the yard. - Time passes by working better. I said, and I grabbed with enthusiasm to clean. Gathering dried laves, collecting papers, sweep. A Lady , neighbour Lady, asked me, very surprised what I doing there . - Cleaning the yadr. I answered. - Because we get a lot of dirt in the house. - Yes she sayd. And she explained that the man who is responsable with cleaning dose not do his job. The inhabitants of the house will make a meeting, and they will solve the problem. This very ugly problem . - OK. I said, she left. While I cleaning the yard, I think what will happen now ? The man will be judjed, they will fire him . However, it is his duty. Or not ? I have collected numerous remnants of cigarettes, Ice cream papers, ...... Did we not have to respect the work of others ? - I asked myself. Why ?. 

- Maybe the man can not chase after everyone. And it looked like in the yard, is a competition. - Who throw more rubbish. It is easy to criticize, it is harder to help. For example: - do not throw trash in the yard. But, it is easier to judge . - This happen every day wherever in the world. We are different characters, but the same different caracters live worldwide, the only thing that is different is the country in which we live. Or where we come from. Richer country , or a poorer country. And it's good, they are poor countries, - We have forgotten how cleaning. They will do it. While I was cleaning, listening the album, The Wall (Pink Floyd and it fit well in the current situation.) I just remembered, my friend promises . - " Our home , our food , our work , life together ........." Yeah sure . Now my friend says he promised to much. In other words . Get out. Or , I 'm bored with this new toy. Thank God that we are not all the same. We are different characters. I have favorite quotes : - "Accept the things to Which fate binds you, and love the people with Whom fate brings you together , but do so with all your heart . " .... "Where I live if someone Gives you a hug it's from the heart . "...To tell the truth, I was very well tolerated in this house, I did not missed anything, for a time. Now my days are counted here, I think I've become an unwanted ghost. A sort trash. Why people do not understand, that promises must be respected. As a man's life may depend on promises. Those who are educated in the virtual world, forget the true world. - "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." - - I do not want to hurt anyone, especially my friends, my friend. I keep the pleasant memories. (Because it was. I was accepted and helped for a while. I must admit that. ) My friend wants to help me, even now. He'll tolerate my presence in the area. What great luck I have. Stupidity and reign are paid. I feel it now. - I continue to clean away, maybe I'll manage to clean, in my soul and in others soul. Maybe. But life will never forgive this fatal mistake, why I trusted my friend. Why ? - Because things are linked together, promise and trust. Okay, time to go, I do not accept any false help, and promises more. I'm going to clean in to another world.


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Orban, despre alegerile prezidenţiale: Tăriceanu este tot un candidat PSD; nu afectează competiţia electorală

Orban, despre alegerile prezidenţiale: Tăriceanu este tot un candidat PSD; nu afectează competiţia electorală

Orban, despre alegerile prezidenţiale: Tăriceanu este tot un candidat PSD; nu afectează competiţia electorală

Preşedintele PNL, Ludovic Orban, consideră că susţinerea liderului ALDE, Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu, drept candidat comun al PSD-ALDE la alegerile prezidenţiale din 2019 "nu afectează în niciun fel" competiţia electorală, susţinând că de fapt Tăriceanu este "tot un candidat PSD".

"Este tot un candidat PSD. Din păcate pentru el, domnul Popescu-T. s-a manifestat ca un taliban PSD din 2014, când a abandonat valorile liberale, şi a preferat să fie băiatul de mingi al lui Victor Ponta şi Liviu Dragnea. După părerea mea, nu afectează în niciun fel competiţia electorală. PNL a votat susţinerea pentru Klaus Iohannis şi avem convingerea că actualul preşedinte al României va câştiga alegerile prezidenţiale fără niciun fel de problemă", a afirmat, duminică, Orban după şedinţa Biroului Politic Naţional şi a grupurilor parlamentare.



Coaliţia PSD-ALDE va avea un candidat comun la alegerile prezidenţiale, a anunţat preşedintele PSD, Liviu Dragnea, sâmbătă, după şedinţa CExN al social democraţilor.

"În opinia mea, trebuie să adoptăm hotărârile şi noi, ca PSD, şi partenerii de la ALDE să avem un candidat comun la alegerile prezidenţiale. Nu am stabilit să nu fie un candidat de la PSD, dar să fie un candidat comun. De principiu, am avut această discuţie cu domnul Tăriceanu. Nu era firesc să hotărâm doar noi doi, pentru că este o decizie importantă, şi încep discuţiile în partid, pe care trebuie să le finalizăm într-un termen rezonabil, şi să stabilim întâi că da, vom avea un candidat comun. Trebuie să decidem ce facem şi la alegerile europarlamentare, dacă mergem pe liste comune sau nu. Ar fi dificil să mergem pe liste separate la europarlamentare şi, după aceea, să avem un candidat comun la prezidenţiale (...). Colegii noştri, în marea lor majoritate, au agreat ideea unui candidat comun", a declarat Dragnea.

AGERPRES/(A, AS - autor: Livia Popescu, editor: Florin Marin, imagine: Marian Vlăduţ, redactor video: Marilena Stănescu, grafician: Ioana Matei-Cârlan., editor online: Ada Vîlceanu)

2018-09-02 15:58:40


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